We Do
Exceptional Work 

Loyd started out as a carpenter, so his knowledge and attention to detail shows in every aspect of the remodeling project, from planning to the finish out. We do everything from kitchen and bath remodeling to whole house stripped-to-the-studs renovations.

We Are

We are concerned with your feelings and do everything possible to allow you to enjoy your home life while we are remodeling your home. We try to make the project as comfortable for you as we can.

We Take Care of Your Home 

We use materials such as Masonite, when appropriate, to cover existing flooring or countertops and wrap doorjambs to prevent damage to your home while we work. Dust control is managed by utilizing plastic sheeting to cordon off the construction workspace from other areas of the home as necessary. If we are removing an exterior wall we will build a false wall for security and for protection of the living space of the home from heat, cold and debris. Finally, our workspace is cleaned every day, as we know you have to live in your home throughout the construction.

Your Yard
is Our Yard

When we know we are going to be there for an extended period of time, we bring in construction material in a planned fashion so that we do not fill up the yard with lumber and materials. We also try to minimize the inevitable collateral damage done during construction by planning access pathways and by assigning designated areas for building and storage.