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An Open Letter from Loyd Wiley, Builder 

I'd like to share some information with you about my passion for building and my business philosophy. 

I have always taken pleasure in carpentry. Perhaps my enthusiasm for the work is something that was passed down to me through generations of family craftsmen. My father, my uncle and many other family members were builders. My wife and I even have furniture made by members of my family in the 1700's. 

Unrelenting attention to detail on any given project is the key to my own satisfaction with the finished product, and more importantly, the satisfaction of the customer. I am told this sets me apart from other builders. The same level of commitment is instilled in my team members as well. We strive to do our best and give you the most excellent job possible. 

The management aspect of building is enjoyable to me as well. My wife and I have been in business for 25 years and would like to continue in this line of work for many more years to come. We have a firm grasp of the fundamentals for succeeding in a business such as ours. For example, a builder should be honest and tell you the real truth when quoting a project, not just something he thinks you would like to hear to get the job. If I know in advance that something could pose a problem or cost more later, I'll communicate it to you up front. If I am working on your remodeling project, I give you first priority over any other new work presented to me. 

We are members of the Better Business Bureau. This means we ascribe to their code of ethics to treat customers fairly and professionally, plus we have access to the latest industry news and state-of-the-art developments through regular meetings, advice from experts, publications and networking events.

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